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Global Auctions and Valuations (GAV) Global Auctions and Valuations (GAV) is a registered agency that specialises in all kinds of sales, including real estate marketing, real estate investment, real estate brokerage, and conducting all kinds of auctions for lands, real estate, scrap, waste, movables, liquidations, cars and equipment, and everything that is intended to be sold, whether by auction or by direct sale. GAV has built a reputation for its professionalism and transparency and deals with a wide range of banks, institutions, major establishments, holding companies, and public and private entities within the Arab Republic of Egypt. GAV holds the following licenses:

  •  ​RICS registered valuers (MRICS #6663002 & #6748229)
  • ​Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade (MSIT): Auctioneering (license 625 & 729)
  • ​Licensed Valuer at TAQEEM Saudi Arabia (License Number: 1220002154 & 1220002155)
  • ​Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) registered valuers: Real estate, Machinery & Equipment (license 40)
  • ​Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) registered valuers: Real estate (license 60 & 230)
  • ​Egyptian Engineers Syndicate Engineering Consultancy Firm (license 4/4156)​

GAV has auctioned over 50 Billion pounds in sales over the past three years for dozens of clients, many of which are renowned multinationals in Egypt, such as Pepsico, Chipsy, Lafarge, Vodafone, National Cement, DNVGL, and more. Some of the other major clients involved the agency of several projects in Egypt, including resorts, hotels, residential compounds & units, retail malls, schools & universities, and numerous bank collateral assets.

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Public Auctions

GAV provides public auctions services whereby GAV manages the lotting, the preparation of the condition handbook, advertisements plan and implementation, and the management of the auction process and the closing of the sale to the highest bidders. GAV ensures compliance with local Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade (MSIT) regulations and procedures, and our vast experience in handling the governmental bureaucracy and paperwork ensures a smooth process from beginning to end.

 Closed Envelope Bids

Closed envelope bids are similar to private auctions whereby there is no public session. Instead the bids are received via closed envelope, and processed via a private committee. A stop-loss value is typically involved to limit the sale, and the entire management of the process is organized and handled by GAV. GAV ensures compliance with both local and international standards and laws that ensures integrity, transparency, and responsibility to not expose the client to any compliance related risks.

 Pricing & Valuation 

GAV’s core competence lies in the valuation and pricing capabilities. Through the vast experience and knowledge in the field of appraisals, GAV is fully capable of providing a full inspection and  valuation reports both technical and financial for Real estate, machinery and equipment, scrap, salvage and movables. GAV holds multiple licensees in valuations include the RICS Registered valuers, CBE, EFRA, and TAQEEM. GAV adheres to the highest standards of appraisals including the IVS, RICS Global valuation standards, and the IFRS standards. 

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